Get Out The Vote!


Our next push is to get my literature in the hands of every Democratic household in Haverford Township. To do so, we’re coordinating efforts with county campaigns, the Haverford Democrats Get Out The Vote effort, and with Kristin Larsen’s school board campaign. There are canvassing events coming up, so if you have time to go door to door to help out Democrats, please consider attending one of these upcoming events.

  • This Sunday at 10 AM at Green Engine Coffee Co. (16 Haverford Station Rd). This event is focused on wards 5-1 & 5-3 and coordinated by Dan Kraut.
  • Next Saturday, October 21st, at 9:30 AM coordinated by Gwen McCullough (Kristin’s volunteer coordinator). She is focusing on the 1st and 9th wards. Her address is 1448 Burmont Rd. Havertown PA 19083.

I’ll have more news about coordinating with the township efforts soon – we’re meeting tonight to strategize.

Haverford Township Day!

We had a great time at Haverford Township Day today! We met up with the local Democratic party and other candidates at the Manoa Shopping Center and walked all the way to the Skatium. It was a gorgeous day and we met many people along the parade route. The boys handed out Smarties and Nerds (Jay’s idea) while Lanna took it easy in the wagon. Our neighbor Mike helped with handing out literature and stickers. The only problem we had was getting far behind the other Democrats… so far that at times we were mixed in with the Republicans! The day was completed with some free water ice thanks to the Haverford Soccer Club! Here’s a photo of my littlest helpers, who miraculously still had enough energy to bring the wagon home after the parade.


And here we go…

The campaign for school board is on!

I was looking for a recent picture in which all three of my kids look good (impossible!) so that I could cite them as the reason I’ve decided to run for school board. Then I found this picture, which captures the essence of childhood – curiosity. My wish for the Haverford School District is for each child to find some part of the day that captures his or her curiosity. We should strive to keep that natural love of learning for as long as possible.

As a parent, I’ve come to believe that raising caring, compassionate, considerate kids is only part of the job. We also have to work for a better, more just world for our children. Now that my children are getting a little older, I plan to devote more of my time and our time as a family to doing good things for our community. This campaign for school board is part of that effort.

As a professor, I see young adults enter college needing more preparation in critical areas. I want each student in my class to succeed, and it’s painful when the students struggle unnecessarily. One of my goals as a school board member is to ensure that students who graduate from Haverford High School are as prepared as possible for life’s challenges, both in and out of the classroom.

I’m looking forward to Haverford Township Day tomorrow. It will be a great opportunity to meet more community members and listen to their thoughts. Hope to see many of you there!